Premium Package June 2024

What is included in the Premium Package?

Standard Course

  • Kick back and enjoy the ride with full course coverage in our lively Live lectures.
  • Get the lowdown with detailed lecture notes that make studying a breeze.
  • Tackle those tricky topics using practice questions from the ACCA study hub and exam kits.
  • We're not just about theories – we'll chat about marking schemes and spill the secrets on answer drafting to ensure you max out those marks!

Revision Course

  • Need a quick power-up? Our revision course has your back.
  • Dive into solving the latest 4 past papers together – abecause practice makes perfect!
  • Let's dissect examiner reports together for some behind-the-scenes wisdom.
  • We're putting the spotlight on your exam skills, so you can strut into your ACCA exams like a boss.

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